What is the Salary for Welding | Welding pay scale

  1. Mostly what happens is the cities that pay higher salaries have a higher cost of living which neutralizes the high pay amount and hardly pays off in return to you sacrifices of moving to another city, leaving your family and home for the sake of high salary.
  2. For instance, Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota come at the top of the higher paying cities list but if we see at their cost of living, they are also the most expensive places to live in.
  3. Also, Hawaii is likely to be a long way off from family and friends. The higher salary figures may not compare that favorably to other places closer to your home.

salary for welding

What is lucrative?

A higher salary may not satisfy you when the risk involved or personal life clashes are more while at a job. So priorities should be set in mind before deciding about the welding job on the basis of the welding pay scale. A welder should consider long term job security, job retention, good working conditions, and a healthy and congenial work environment where the safety of the manpower is the topmost priority, cost of living, and family and friends proximity.

Since it is a job where high risk is involved and chances of injuries and threats to human life are more. A person should wisely keep all these things into Salary of any job is determined by various factors like the type of job risk involved in the job cost of living index skills set required experience level, the opportunity cost of the job, demand and supply forces, the strength of the economy, the current situation of the economy and so on. The salary of a welder also depends on such factors. First of all, it is better to know the job of a welder.

Anatomy of a welder’s job

  • A welder cuts or combines together materials, made up of metal like steel  Aluminum copper to form mechanisms or to repair the broken things with the help of manual or automatic welding machines .while doing all this he is expected to securely set up and use welding machines and other tools and types of equipment at the workplace.
  •  He requires mathematical skills to carry out calculations and measurements so that he can follow blueprints to arrange metal pieces and fasten them into position before welding.
  • The actual work will then be expected to look like the blueprint with the same alignment and dimensions.  The next thing which is must to have is manual dexterity and motor power to use hands and power tools effectively.

Welding Salary on the basis of different factors :

Work experience

  •  Some welding jobs ask for past work experiences and some do not ask for it and believe in providing job training themselves according to their company’s demand.
  • The years of experience also decide the pay scale .here it is necessary to understand that the experience you had during ur childhood with you dad’s welding tools in the garage doesn’t count as welding experience required in a manufacturing company.
  • A welder has to put a lot of time, practice, and knowledge to maximize his craft’s earning potential. a skilled and experienced welder will definitely be able to earn higher and sustain longer in the industry than the ones with a lower skill set and less experience.
  • Welding is about craftsmanship. The more u practice it the more proficient u ll become in the job.

Now let us look at the statistics to believe the above-stated fact

  • An entry-level welder gets $17 per hour on an average according to statistics in the united states. A welder with less than one year of experience in the united states earns $18.90 per hour on an average.
  • Whereas welder with more than ten years of experience earns $ 20.37 per hour on an average.
  • However it’s not unusual for a successful welder with such experience to be making $30 to $35 per hour.
  • Also, highly skilled welders will remain in the job even when the economy is going down because as the production will be slowed down, the demand for workers will also decline hence the ones with better skills will stay in the employment.

Type of the Welders job

  • It is not unusual again to find welders with specialized welding skills to earn higher wages than those that don’t require certifications .the welding school graduates and pipeline workers are expected to earn higher.
  • According to the fabricators & manufacturers association’s 2019 welding salary  /wage and benefits survey, a code welder who works in the metal fabricating industry earns $53999 which is more than a welder with just 2 years of experience and earning $44096.


  • Some companies clearly mention to welders if they can go through several welding tests for a certain level, they will be able to earn such amount and as experiences increases, .then skill tests will be done for further enhancement in pay scale. also, demand for the skillsets required in the welding industry is enhancing as employers look for additional skills like managerial skills, intellectual skills for a person with the rank of welder so that he is able to provide more benefits to the company. This way their contribution will be evident and their pay scales will be increased many folds.